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Thursday, July 29, 2010



Bold and beautiful !

Aishwarya Rai-Queen of millions of hearts of film lovers in India and all over the world,in favour of who about 17,000/-websites are created by her admirers,is not only talented, beautiful, but also intelligent since her teen age days.
Life in brief

Born on Nov 1, 1973,in Mangalore,Aishwarya, belongs to Bunts community,whose native land is south canara district in Karnataka state in South India.Her mother tongue is Tulu language, which is spoken by some lakh people only, but that has rich vocabulary.Her mopther is Mrs.Vrinda Rai.

She grew up in Mumbai,a s her parents had settled there.She scored 90% of marks in her School final exam(HSC),which she completed from Ruparel College.

She procceded with her education, without bothering about films or glamour,with great interest in science.She wanted to do a course in medicne,But some how she joined a course in Architecture.She was doing it with interest, and was faring well.

Just incidentally, her lady professer asked her to pose for a design she was preparing.To oblige her, she did it. That was a hit and advertisers were attracted by her way of presenting herself easily.Eventhough she had done modelling for Camlin pencils at the age of just 9. she had not given importance to that.
Modelling carreer

After the hit of that guestural performance, she was cudjoled by some other Adfilm producers to perform for them.She did modelling for GArden sarrees, Pepsi, Casino,Prudent and Philips, etc.All those were a hit.
Rekha's prediction

Famous film star Rekha,Who was, just like Aish, was well known for her glamour and talent in those days( she is keeping her figure equally attractive even now at the age of 56),on seeing her performance in Garden saree ads,exclaimed 'Oh,this girl will be tomarrow's heroine!'.And, her exclamation became true by more than 100%.

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