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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Extreemly HOT Spicy Pictures of SOUTH INDIAN ACTRESS Anushka Shetty


"NAGARJUNA has always made me completely comfortable.Not just me alone but with anybody who comes close to him he effortlessly goes out of his way to make you come out of your shell and be comfortable.I have absolutely no hesitation in admitting that I learnt the 'believe in yourself mantra' from him. While shooting for 'Super' he would ask me to be present on the set and observe even when my shots were not being canned..The end result was that I was on the sets right through the making of the film and it was an enriching experience!!!"

"I watched Arundhati twice and quite frankly, I am still in a daze. I don’t know how to take it. The movie is wonderful with crisp editing. There is pin-drop silence in the theatre and audience watched it with bated breath. After the movie was over, lots more women flocked to shake hands with me than men!!"

"My parents also watched the film twice along with me. Normally, my parents never speak to me about my films. While taking the flight back to Malaysia, my father hugged me and said ‘keep it up’. It was like a huge compliment from him. His words did not speak about it, but his hug told me about how happy he is for me having done Arundhati!!!"

"I was not confident that I could pull off the climax of Arundhati. I had inhibitions for the first couple of days. I gained confidence and got myself involved into the character from the third day onwards. Seeing the completed movie, There are lot of scenes in the film that gave me goose bumps. Re-recording is amazing and it took the movie to next level!!!"

"I am feeling very lucky to have done that role in Super. If I had done a major role in my debut film , my negative features might have got exposed since I did not have any prior experience in acting. I am glad that I did a small role in my first film. Comparatively I had lot of footage in my second film Mahanandi. I learnt a lot from my first two films!!!!"

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