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Monday, July 26, 2010



All around India, films starring the talented Trisha Tamil actress have been extremely popular since her debut. Trisha Krishnan started acting in 1999 with a cameo in Jodi but has since taken on leading roles in a great many Kollywood films. Some of these films such as Varsham and Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana have won several awards showing that Trisha's popularity around the country and, indeed, around the world is there with very good reason. Her Tamil movies place her in a diverse number of roles which portray both her acting talent and stunning looks. This combination has resulted in both critical acclaim and astounding box office success.

Trisha a kind and gentle person

Despite all of this, Trisha remains a very down-to-earth woman who can still enjoy the simple things in life like surfing and spending time with her pet dog. The talent shown in her Tamil movies comes from her raw determination to succeed as well as her sensitive side through which her emotions shine through. It is for this reason that her films have been so successful and fans everywhere are now eagerly awaiting her next big hit, Khatta Meeta, which is due for release in June this year and which has been helmed by the well-known director, Priyadarshan.

A bright future

This Tamil actress certainly seems to be blessed with good luck, a range of talents, and a stunning smile so it will be interesting to keep track of her career as it progresses. Khatta Meeta is also Trisha's Bollywood debut and so it seems that more and more doors are opening up to this extremely diverse woman. As far as Tamil movies are concerned though, Trisha has not left her roots behind and has several releases planned for later on this year. Amongst the many Indian celebrities, Trisha Krishnan Tamil actress is definitely one worth keeping an eye on in both the near and distant future.

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