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Friday, August 13, 2010



Celina's Exercise secret and Beauty Tips

Celina Jaitley shares her Fitness, Diet. Celina Jaitly Beauty secrets.

Celina says "It is important to have a solid foundation of habits that gives one a healthy body. Fitness is nurturing both your body and mind and giving yourself the very best you can." Celina is a beauty queen and bollywood actress and she was crowned Femina Miss India Universe in 2001.

Celina's EXERCISE secret and Tips

Celina is an ardent follower of yoga as it is the most far-reaching holistic workout. On a physical level, yoga affects all the organs and muscles of the body, besides toning the inner body.

Celina says "I enjoy alternating yoga with classical dance as it gives a good break to the monotony of an everyday workout. No matter what, I keep 45 minutes aside every day for yoga or dancing. I have a personal trainer for yoga who keeps me motivated as well."

What are the tips to maintain the great shape ?

Celina's DIET secret? What she eats for meals and Breakfast.

Celina follows a very balanced diet of 6-8 small meals a day.What you eat and drink affects every organ, every muscle and bone of your body and also reflects how you feel about yourself.

Celina has small meals throught the day, which keeps my metabolic rate up, and I am never hungry so I do not end up over eating.This sort of diet is ideal for people who want to lose weight but only under a doctor’s supervision. It is also important to detox before getting on to any form of new diet as you cannot expect results from any regime if your body is laden with toxins.

Celina Jaitley says "I always take out time to eat good healthy food thus giving my subconscious a powerful message that I am worth it. Diet is not about deprivation, it’s about providing your body good fuel for optimum performance. Eating many smal meals ensures that the blood sugar does not drop too far and that helps you function with minimum lethargy. "

Breakfast is usually eggs and mushroom on rye toast / daliya or eggs or steamed idli or Chinese congee or dosas. Another favourite breakfast of mine is having glutenfree cereals with soya milk, adding a fruit smoothie at times.

"I also have a glass of fresh juice of wheat grass or Aloe vera for a fresh burst of energy." Celina Jaitley says.

My mid-morning snack is unsalted nuts (almonds, walnuts, melon seeds) with a glass of buttermilk or green tea. Sometimes its fresh fruit, rice cakes with hummus and carrot sticks.

My lunch usually consists of a good nutritious soup and a substantial salad. I like alternating it with a typical healthy Indian meal with dal, whole / multigrain roti, and leafy vegetable with a chicken or fish. I like to indulge in brown rice and fish occasionally during lunch.

Mid-afternoon is a common time for an energy slump, so I have unsalted seeds / nuts and a cup of regular tea or fresh dhokla, sprout salad. Sometimes I treat myself to paanipuri which is my weakness.

Supper includes lean meats , fish, or eggs. I rarely eat post nine in the night unless am shooting all night long. If I am hungry, I have a glass of warm skimmed milk.

Celina the light eyed lady with an hourglass figure, Celina Jaitley is definitely proved herself and is very successful.. we thank her for these Tips.

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