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Monday, August 9, 2010



Kangna Ranaut was spotted by anurag kashyap in a coffee shop and he offered her role of lead lady in movie called gangster. The movie was successful and kanga ranaut had arrived.

I wonder why she didn't do any coffee ads!!!!!. Kangna Ranaut is natural actress who has been both commercially successful and critically acclaimed.

Modern day actress who does not shy away from doing steamy scenes on screen , kangna is one of most promising actresses of recent times. Having won national award for her role in fashion , she would be next seen in hrithik's kites.

Here is list of best movies of kangna ranaut

1) Gangster :

This was first movie of kangna ranaut. It had shiney ahuja playing role of daya (gangster) while famous serial kisser of bollywood Emraan Hashmi who in cop in disguise.

Kangna is girl friend of shiney ahuja. Shiney is advised by his boss to leave kangna since he feels that she is distracting daya from his work. Shiney confronts his boss and is forced to leave the gang. Haunted by police and his previous gang , daya and kangna run away to seoul.

They carry a child with them to pass off as family. The child dies in police encounter and this cause rift between daya and shiney. Shiney then heads to another country to work while kangana takes refuge in alcohol.

Emraan Hashmi befriends her and soon their friendship develops into love. Finally daya arrives into the scene again and finds out about hashmi-kangana affair. He pledges to leave world of crime and try to realize kangana's dream of having normal family life.

Police confronts daya and they are forced to run away. Meanwhile kangana is pregnant with emraan's child. Emraan convinced kagna that he would marry her but they would have to get daya arrested.

Daya get arrested but world of kangna gets shattered when she comes to know about true identity of emraan. She feels guilty of getting daya arrested and seek revenge from Emraan. She kills emraan and gets killed in the process while daya is hanged for his crimes.

The movie had some wonderful songs. Kangna ranaut was hailed by critics and well accepted by public. It never looked like it was her first movie and she excelled in her role.

She won film fare award for her role in best actress debut category.

2) Fashion :

She won national award for her supporting role in the movie along with filmfare award. She played super model in the film who is replaced by priyanka chopra as super model.

She gets into drugs failing to cope up with life . Priyanka views her on t.v. and takes her home. Life does not give second chance to kangana but she inspires priyanka chopra to grab the chance she gets again.

Kangana dies due to drug over dose in the end.

3) Life in Metro :

Wonderful movie by anurag kashyap life in metro is multi starrer film with shilpa shetty , konkana sen , irfan khan , sharnam joshi , kay kay menon , shiney ahuja along with kangana ranaut .

Kangana ranaut plays a smart , young girl who rises ladder of organization she works in because of her relationship with kay kay menon (her boss). Kay kay is already married with shilpa shetty. Sharam joshi secretly loves kangana ranaut and works in same call center.

Kangana tries to commit suicide after realizing that kay kay used her and does not intend to marry her. Sharnam saves her and takes care of her which makes them come closer. Finally both get married.

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