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Monday, August 2, 2010



Teamed together for the first time in the upcoming Telugu film titled ‘Vyapari’, both Tamanna and Namitha are feeling the heat of the competition and are said to have done their best to vie for public attention. Both these ladies are the heartthrobs of many and are known for their style and panache. The film in question is a remake of a Tamil film of the same name and is being directed by S.J. Surya who is also playing a double role in the film. The film also stars Sita and Nazar in important roles. Tamanna is equally busy in the Tamil and Telugu film industry these days and has three Tamil films in hand at the moment.

Tamanna is popular for her sensuous looks and is therefore also known as Jr. Ileana. Her acceptance also underlines the changing preferences of the audiences. Gone are the days when the viewers wanted actresses to be plump. These days the preference has shifted to fit and slim actresses. This is what gives Tamanna the edge over her competitors. She is the perfect blend of talent and beauty and has been blessed with a perfect figure and a beautiful face.

Namitha too is adapting to the changing audience preferences and is said to be working hard these days. Already considered by many as being more potent than a pill of Viagra, she is looking sexier and fitter than ever before. With an unprecedented high budget, ‘Vyapari’ has Sakti Chidambaram at the helm of affairs and is being produced by Kunireddy Srinivas. The film has Tamanna, Namitha and S.J. Surya in the lead roles and is in its final stages. The music for the film has been composed by Deva.

As far as looks go, Tamanna is definitely hotter of the two with her amazingly beautiful face and petite figure. She may not have a perfect size zero figure but she has what it takes to make it to the top of the South film industry. Namitha on the other hand has established herself as a big star and has demonstrated her acting prowess in her movies time and again. Her physical appearance ensures instant acceptance by the southern audiences cutting across all languages. She is an established name, not just in the Telugu film industry but in the Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam film industries as well. Her movies are also dubbed for the English and Hindi audiences.

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