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Tuesday, August 3, 2010




She was RACHNA CHAWLA before she got noticed and was launched with mega fan-fare as BHUMIKA CHAWLA opposite SALMAN KHAN(no less) in the super-duper hit 'Tere Naam'.The success of her maiden film could have made her soar on cloud 9 as she got carried away, but Bhumika was to focused and grounded to lose touch with her ground realities. That was the prime reason that she refused to sweep in whatever offers were extended to her on a platter in the first flush of Success.

Be it the good times or the bad times that followed-BHUMIKA CHAWLA had her priorities right and greed had no place in her life no matter what the temptation!!! Self contentment is what has made her such a calm and serene person off-screen where her friends, family and well wishers vouch that even today she is very much the little 'GUDIYA' that they always knew and adored dearly!!!

Unlike most Bollywood actresses who tend to turn Southward only after they have been rejected in Mumbai, BHUMIKA CHAWLA saw the writing on the wall and even while her career in Bollywood was at it's peak, she opened a parallel track first in Tamil and subsequently in Telegu films so much so that at one point of time she was churning out films in all the major languages down South and even in Bollywood. A patern that has been successfully adapted by ASIN and GENELIA.

Even while pursuing a successful career BHUMIKA has never let her personal life suffer and that is the prime reason that she never allowed either to over lap!! Thus while her career was going great guns she refused to put marriage on the back-burner and when she found her Prince Charming she did not hesitate to go ahead and get married. Not surprising then that almost two years of marriage behind her and BHUMIKA CHAWLA THAKKAR is back in the thick of films..this time as an independent producer and actress as well!!!


"See. In our industry success changes every Friday. If the audiences are able to identify with what the director is portraying in the film then his film will be successful, if not it is a failure. But that does not mean that the director is not credible enough!!!

" Just because a film like Saawariya bombed at the box office you cannot say that director Sanjay Leela Bhansali is not a credible director. His previous films have been both critically acclaimed as well as hits. Praising success and criticizing failure is the way of the world. As for me? I liked my character in 'Ansuya'and the way director Ravi Babu handled the script. What the final verdict will be is not something that I am worried about!!!"

" Though I have portrayed varied characters in my films so far this is the first time that I am portraying the role of an investigating journalist in 'Ansuya'. That profession demands a lot of courage and dedication. It was an absolute pleasure and very satisfying while shooting for this film and character. While doing this film I developed a better understanding of how the media works and what kind of experiences the journalists undergo!!!"

"In my view film making is like a game. More of a team work. The director, producer, actors and other technicians are part of this interesting game. Just like in a game, when any member of the team falters the results are not very positive. The same happens in film making. And as far as ‘Satyabhama’ is concerned? I don’t consider it a failure. It is a good movie and its box office results will not change my view of what a good movie is!!!"

"I look for the script before deciding if I want to associate with the project or not.Only once after this has been settled do I look deeper into the other factors. If any film is giving me an opportunity to showcase my acting skills I would go for it. But not all the scripts that one comes across are of that kind. Some times you do films for the money and some times for the script. I have been lucky so far to have had the best of both. My roles in Misamma, Satyabhama and now Anasuya were performance oriented and gave me lot of job satisfaction!!!"

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