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Monday, August 2, 2010




There can be no denying the fact that the stunning & gorgeous supermodel turned item-number queen to t.v.personality only keeps getting better and better and even better with each passing year. What she was in her early 20's is simply nothing when she stepped into her late 20's and when she left her 20's behind and moved into her 30's she was only more ravishing and striking. Now in her mid 30's and the radiance and glow is not getting any jaded as she appears far more sexy and hot(atleast with her make-up on)!!!!

While there is no denying that MALAIKA ARORA KHAN does rely heavily on her make-up and beauty salon visits have increased to retain the glow and radiance yet she is doing pretty well-everytime she steps out in public.How she appears minus the goo is something that only Arbaaz miya has eyes for and will have to live with and he ain't complaining is he?

There is no denying that MALAIKA ARORA was a supermodel long before she consented to take the Khan tag by wedding Arbaaz Khan who was still struggling both as a model as well as an aspiring actor. Call it sheer irony that right through the marriage it's MALAIKA who has been wearing the pants while hate it much as he maybe the fact is he has always been referred to as first Salim Khan's son then Helen's step son then Salman Khan's kid brother and finally as Mr. MALAIKA ARORA KHAN.!!!!

On the other hand eversince MALAIKA ARORA took the KHAN tag she has gained by leaps and bounds professionally.Because being Salman Khan's bhabi makes her far more hotter in Bollywood rather than just being MALAIKA BHABHI and she sure knows how to cash in on the tag for her professional benefit.

Like time and again Rakhi Sawant and Sambhawana Seth have bitched that there is absolutely no difference between them and MALAIKA ARORA KHAN if any it is simply the fact that she is Salman Khan's bhabhi else she too is no different from them so why does she behave as though she is in a different league.All said and done she is as much an item gurl as the next girl on the block.Wud she have been treated any different if she was a say Malaika Saxena or a Malaika Luthra or a plane n simple Malaika Khullar huh...So does her being Mrs.Khan make all the difference and the answer is out there loud and clear as is the writing on the wall!!!

It is no secret that MALAIKA ARORA KHAN is treated like a goddess in Bollywood because she is connected to SALMAN KHAN and while she is real good at her job and has a swell figure to boast about yet there are far better babes than her who are struggling to make their presence felt simply coz they're not connected to a filmi clan.

Right from the time she tied the knot MALAIKA ARORA KHAN has been more often referred 2 as Salman's bhabhi than Arbaaz's wife doesn't that say it all? Right from the time she did her first item number with Shahrukh Khan in 'Dil Se' it is only too well known a fact than irrespective of the banner she has always been getting paid more than what the lead heroine gets paid for an entire film for her single item numbers be the heroine Rani Mukherjee, Manisha Koirala, Preity Zinta,Vidya Balan or anyone else for that matter and the awe and respect she commands comes not from her professional skills alone but because of who she actually is!!!


"I don't need another man in my life...Arbaaz is amply sufficient...Thanks but no thanks!!!"

"When I see today's girls like Bipasha or Lara or Mallika strut their stuff, I can only giggle and think,"But I've already been there and done that (better) before honey...So what's all the fuss about anyways,huh?!!!"

"The very fact that I have to clarify a rumour about my marriage is very annoying. Arbaaz & I know what we share and we don't have to tom-tom it to the whole world!!!"

"I get everything I want from the man I have. I don't think any man can compare to what I have!!!!"

"I started out with modeling and moved onto television and did shit loads of that. I did a fair amount of the big screen too. It's been a natural transition. Infact, I had never thought that after having my baby I would go back to work so swiftly as I thought I'd take it easy and see how it goes or whatever. But I guess the glamor industry just beckoned me back and I cud not say no to the offer not for the money offered but becoz my creative juices refused to stop leaking!!!"

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