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Friday, October 1, 2010

Bhoomika Hot Rocking Photos

Bhoomika Chawla is an actress, worked mainly Dravidian Sanskrit and movies.

Top Bhoomika
Bhoomika Chawla as Rachna in New City, Bharat on 21 August 1978 hatched. Gudiya, while it is also known to Ajit Singh Chawla was hatched, and Bali. Author was a sailor and militaristic senior monk, to the way of services. She also had a sr. Girls.

Bhoomika moved to Bombay and worked in advertising and music videos. Advertising is the non-classical Minerals dams and the destruction she saw the tail of the hip Zee TV.

In 2007, Bhoomika Mon Bharat Thakur, a renowned yoga teacher.

Bhoomika Chawla in Movies
Bhoomika Chawla was unveiled in a Telugu film Yuvakudu (2000). taken in 2001 exaggerated the success of Khushi Pawan Kalyan plant with the Dravidian Khushi.

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