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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Priya Hot Rocking Photos


How do you get hot at DATE


Step 1
Choose an outfit that is very good for your body type. If you are a woman are greater with a trim waist and hips, for example, it is not a skirt or pants and belt to straight-cut coats avoided. If you are a man concerned about the condition of the stomach, do not try to hide it under a shapeless shirt - Try a dark, tailored jacket for a strong, distinctive look.

Step 2
Learn more, some of which go to your appointment. A slinky black dress can look hot, but it is totally unsuitable for a date at the cinema or bowling. If you want the date to surprise you, need to hedge your bets with some of the stylish but discreet, black pants, a sexy blouse and a sweater in case the lid. Pressed slacks and a button up shirt is always a safe bet for men.

Step 3
Choose a hairstyle that requires little or no maintenance during the day. If you try something new, make sure that this model is promoted in practice.

Step 4
Choose your jewelry or accessories that bring your personality, but it takes just a little of your ex, too. The chances are good that your date will compliment your chain / watch questions / bracelet / ring and if you think it.

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