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Friday, October 1, 2010

Rishaka Hot Rocking Photos

Bikini Advanced Use
Beautiful women are almost a part of the furniture in technology, sports and car shows. The rule is that if the purpose is predominantly male demographic, the situation of young children will be there to illuminate space and perhaps also about what is being encouraged to speak. During a recent conference TechEd, Microsoft has decided to rent some of the things on the ground staff of the Gold Coast meters. Getting the first meters of the same girl in the sixties, created as a way to get the bad image of parking meters on the tourist strip has been done to combat. The girls were running up and down the strip, power meters with coins and cards asking departure windshield of Directors. All are wearing a shiny gold bikini and a tiara.

Thus, a plethora of these girls were present at TechEd, Microsoft is no doubt try to bring some of the Gold Coast, the conference. Unfortunately, not all of the TechEd was very happy, some girls and 2,700 participants the opportunity complains that their presence was objectifying women to see. May or may not do with the fact that one of the most important conferences in TechEd "Women in IT was to be done.

"It seems that there is still market and promote people in the IT world, objectification of women are okay," the Sydney Morning Herald IT worker Kate Carruthers quotes said.

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