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Saturday, December 18, 2010



Bhanu Shri Mehra - the latest sensation in the South India Telugu film industry. Debited with the much talked film VARUDU opposite Allu Arjun and directed by the classy director Gunasekhar and Mani Sharma scored the music.

Bhanu has worked with some small projects in Bollywood and did few ad films.She is from golden city Amritsar, Punjab and residing in Mumbai for last couple of years due to her modeling career.

She is a mysterious girl you can say! This is the first time ever in Tollywood a film is released without showing the Heroine’s face. The director and producer decided to keep a low profile on the heroine during the shooting and created much hype in the public as they wanted to give a surprise. No photos, no news and not even the name of the heroine was passed to the media. So, we can say as Bhanu is a mysterious girl.

The people built much expectations on the film during the shooting and especially on the heroine because of the different publicity and keeping secret of heroin bio. Bhanu disappointed the masses due to the classy look and less glamor and also with the class audience. This could be due to the hot lip to lip kiss seen for a prolonged time, which might cause the audience a negative impression and embarrassment to share the seen with their families.

May be because of the much hype and expectations, the picture was did not met the expectations of the audience and compared with Arujun's previous movies. Even Bhanu also failed to go along with the public, since they expected a girl next to their door and some what disappointed after the release of the picture.

The film garnered lot of curiosity initially, but eventually failed at the box office. This girl from Amritsar has no offers from any other producers and directors currently it seems. And recently Bhanu Mehra said that she did not get the required publicity since her identity was kept under the wraps before the film got released.

Bhanu, the husky beauty is currently discussing on couple of projects and continuing her modeling career. Recently she opened some jewelery and saree malls at Hyderabad during the marriage season and planning to move back to Mumbai to continue the modeling.

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