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Wednesday, January 5, 2011



Neha Dhupia shows in a powerful way how to live in a green way through these pictures. As they say these pictures speak thousand words and have a great impact. Good job Neha ! The message is we all can live with nature peacefully if we go natural in our ways and we need to protect mother earth.

Going Green is all about the environment, the trees , the earth, the environment, the sea and the land and water. These latest photos are captured by creative photographer Jatin, featuring Bollywood model and diva Neha Dhupia. Pictures have come quite contemporary and well suited for the message. Quite impressive. Neha is making the go green statement by using the the power of nature. This is part of a Go Green initiative.

What you can do ? Yes.. you can contribute in a small way and together it will have a big impact. Here are some things that you can do right away...

- conserve energy by washing clothes in cold water instead of hot
- Take a quick five minute shower most of the days
- Use local produce that way you save gas on transportation of products
- Avoid bottled water. Use a reusable container for water
- Help the environment by using grocery tote bag instead of Plastic bags.
- Save and conserve water. Reuse water where you can.
- Eat organic food. Use less pesticides and chemicals.
- Use products that can be recycled effectively.
- Take mass transit (rail / bus) and avoid pollution.

It is nice to see Neha posing for a good cause. Neha is a bollywood actress and she has worked in numerous movies. She has won Femina Miss India in 2002 and later on contested for miss Universe. Way to go girl !

Her 2009 movies include De Dana Dan , Action Replay and Paying Guests

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