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Saturday, February 19, 2011



Actress jhansi is a well known name in the Television circuit. Almost 10-12 years she started her career in film but she won laurels in the anchoring circuit along with other anchors Suma and Udaya Bhanu. The Prestigious Nandi Award for 2007 was presented amidst star studded evening on 14 th February 2009. Actress Jhansi won the Award for best Comedy Actress Award for the film "Tulasi". This is her second Nandi Award, earlier she won the award for her role in "Jayam Manade Raa".. which also incidentally Victory Venkatesh Movie. Jhansi was in the news recently for her divorce and harassment case against her husband Joggy. She was also alleged by her husband that she was maintaining illegal physical relationship with young guy.
Though the affair with Jagapathi babu proved untrue recently on Saturday her husband caught Jhansi in a hotel room having sexual pleasure with her boyfriend. This was recorded by her husband and it is reported that very soon he is going to file a petition against her in order to take the custody of his child who is under the care of her mother.

According to close sources to the couple
, Jhansi earns around 5 lakhs per month from her TV shows and also a Studio and this brought some differences between her husband and her. Later on unable to bear the harassment of her husband’s suspecting nature, she applied for a divorce.
Recently, in a brief meeting with Praja Rajyam Leader Chiranjeevi, anchor Jhansi expressed her desire to contest in the coming elections. She started by saying that she was interested in doing some good to the poor and needy and then asked him for a party ticket. Chiranjeevi in a polite way said to first solve her personnel problems and then help the needy. He also said that he has heard many things against her and her character and explained her to brush off the image and then go into the public.

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